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M-ASC Recruiting Blog


Recruitment Articles 

The Impact of Early Recruiting on Players and Coaches

Mirin Fader talks about the pressure that is put on athletes and coaches during the recruiting process.

Pay-To-Play: The Business of College Athletic Recruitment

Forbes staff, Lauren Feiner, talks about how the college recruitment process has evolved.

How Social Media is Changing College Recruiting

Ray Rahmati explains how social media is evolving the recruiting process.

8 Steps to Getting Recruited

Michael Clarke gives basic steps athletes should take within the recruiting process.

How the College Recruiting Process Works

Jason Smith, NCSA Head Recruiting Coach, gives an overview of the recruiting process.

Recruiting the Modern High School Athlete

Kai Sato brings up a good point about the importance of an athletes high school coach within the recruiting process.

SAT Articles and Resources  

All About The SAT

A quick look at what the SAT is, how long it is and why you shouldn't be afraid of it.

Show Colleges You're Ready

The all inclusive CollegeBoard page that can direct you to SAT registration, test taking tips and SAT practice!

2017-2018 SAT Dates

Registration Deadlines and Test Dates

  ACT Articles and Resources 

The ACT Test for Students

The official website for the ACT. Includes test dates and registration as well as test prep and scores.

ACT Prep Programs

The Princeton Review offers courses to help you get the ACT score you need!

Top 15 ACT Tips to Ace the Test

Fifteen tips to read over prior to taking the ACT.

Sport Specific Articles and Resources 

A Player and Parent's Guide to Women's College Soccer Recruiting

This article could be helpful for any athlete and parent interested in knowing more about the recruitment process. However, it is most beneficial to girls interested in taking their soccer careers to the college level and what their parents can do to help.

Schellas Hyndman's Do's and Dont's of College Recruiting

Professional soccer coach and former college coach and player Schellas Hyndman breaks down the Do's and Dont's of the general recruitment process.

How to Get Recruited for College Basketball

An outline of the important steps to take when considering getting recruited for college basketball.