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About Us

Colleges want you but don't know your name!

Our Mission Statement

To give student-athletes the opportunity to continue their career at the collegiate level by preparing them academically and athletically. We also create academic/athletic portfolios that will assist them in defining their college of interest. 


  • The difference between us and  recruitment websites is ‘The Portfolio’ and the personal contact you will have with M-ASC Consultants.
  • We are a phone call, text or E-mail away to answer your questions and help point you in the right direction.
  • We have resources that will help the student-athlete in the areas they may struggle in (SAT/ACT tutoring, agility training, getting videos and highlight reels done, etc.)
  • We will narrow down your college search based on your transcripts and SAT/ACT scores. 


Many athletes have no experience when still in highschool with how being recruited works, along with the tasks they must complete off the field as well. One main point of emphasis we encourage all of our athletes to take seriously is the academic portion of school. Many terrific high school athletes never get recruited because of poor academic performance, they instead think their athletic skills will take them to the next level. In today's day and age, travel clubs and AAU teams are the way many colleges come to recruit for the next level. Simple tasks like registering to be NCAA eligible and making sure your grades qualify to play or be on scholarship are little things we like to remind both our athletes and their parents to keep track of. College recruiting is an extremely life changing moment for any athlete, we just want to make sure all of our clients take care of the little things, so they can go on to big things! Never hesitateto reach out to any of our staff or interns with questions. Many of us have experience with playing high school sports, and some even with college experience. We are here to help you find the right school for you in the next chapter of life, and can help in any way possible to make sure athletes are taking the right measures to get to the next level!