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Initial Process

Timeline Overview

Freshman/Sophmore Year

  • Academic/Athletic Evaluation 
  • Select Colleges of Interest, according to the evaluation 
  • Building Portfolio
  • ID Camps. Discussion of Summer Camps/Training
  • beginning of highlight video/reel

Junior Year

  • Recruiting Questionnaires to colleges 
  • letters of interest to college coaches
  • phone calls to and from coaches begin Sep. 1
  • college visits and planning tours
  • SAT/ACT taken and academic analysis
  • summer ID camps are a must
  • narrow down schools to 8

Senior Year

  • Arrange College visits official and unofficial
  • Register with the NCAA clearinghouse
  • Narrow down choices to 5 schools
  • One day ID camps if still uncertain
  • SAT/ACT tutoring 
  • Verbal Commitments
  • FAFSA/Financial Aid Awards and applications
  • National Letter of Intent