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The M-ASC Advantage


  • College recruitment is becoming a lot more competitive.
  • It is important to start as early as possible so your name can began to circulate. 
  • We typically want athletes to sign up as early as possible so that we can go through the process efficiently, rather than having to rush the process in later years.
  • Starting early allows you to show your interest in a given athletic program, while also displaying your initiative in pursuing their school.


You ABSOLUTELY can do this "recruiting process" on your own...but why not save time and have the support of M-ASC?

  1.  Recruiting questionnaires to multiple schools is time consuming; we will handle this process for you. 
  2.  We know which showcases/tournaments/ID camps would be right for you.
  3.  Writing to college coaches and knowing what to say (we will edit and transform contact emails).
  4.  Preparing for unofficial and official college visits.
  5.  We will make sure you are up to date with deadlines, highlight reels, the NCAA eligibility center, FASFA, college applications, etc.
  • Recruiting Questionnaire 
    • Basic contact Information
    • Academic/Athletic accomplishments
    • About the athlete 
    • SAT/ACT scores
    • GPA
  • Highlight Film
  • Colleges of interest
  • Showcases, tournaments and ID camps athletes will participate in
  • Letters of interest to college coaches
  • Transcripts
  • Extra Curricular Activities